Sponsor A Bird

A gift with a difference? A treat for yourself? Whatever the purpose, sponsoring one of our birds is a great way to show your support. All the funds raised from sponsorship goes towards the upkeep of the birds.

Anyone is welcome to become a sponsor. You can adopt a bird under you own name, under someone else’s name as a gift, or even under a business name.

For just £25 for a year you will receive a pack that includes a certificate, information about your bird, a keyring, a free gift, a mounted picture of your bird, a card to enable you to get a free picture when you meet us at an event and an invitation to our VIP days where you will get to meet your bird. Your name will also be put up on your birds aviary as well as added to our thank you page here.

Just use our contact page to let us know who you want to sponsor and we will set it all up for you.

A huge thank you goes out to the following people who have sponsored one of our birds.

  • Jackie Stewart
  • Stacy McClure
  • Liam Parker
  • Allan Stewart
  • Karen McClure
  • Anne Denniston
  • Margaret Parker
  • Amber Logan
  • Eilean Denniston
  • Stephanie Parker
  • Lorraine Fisher
  • Michael Denniston
  • Paula Dewar
  • Taylor MacCorkindale
  • Cameron Gerrelli
  • Tracey McDonald
  • Susan Alexander
  • Veronica Hignett
  • Elizabeth Barbour
  • Lucy Nicol
  • Darci McClure
  • Andy Bracken
  • Stuart Duncan
  • Julie Haughey
  • Nicky McAllister
  • Gary Kerr
  • Marion McAllister
  • Emma Kerr
  • Tilly Shaw
  • Fiona Tait